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police helicopter crash

This twin-engine police helicopter experienced “tail rotor failure in the hover whilst observing the scene below” in the Whitchurch neighbourhood of Cardiff, South Wales, in April 2000. official report


San Francisco -- One thousand police officers from throughout California stood at attention under gray skies yesterday and offered a final farewell salute to their two San Francisco comrades whose helicopter plunged to earth. Inspector Kirk Brookbush and Officer James Dougherty were remembered as dedicated, hardworking and fun-loving cops who called themselves ``the Air Marshal and his Sidekick'' and who almost got around to embroidering the slogan on their T-shirts.
Brookbush, 49, and Dougherty, 56, died January 11 when their former military helicopter crashed into a muddy field in Stanislaus County as they were returning from a routine maintenance session.
``They were like a giant firefly, leading the way for our troops on the ground,'' said San Francisco Police Chief Fred Lau, in his eulogy at the officers' funeral at St. Mary's Cathedral.

The police helicopter seems designed as an in-your-face sign of intimidation.” John Sewell, Eye

A police helicopter in Nassau County,
New York demonstrating a low altitude pursuit.